August 30, 2009

Way to Go

I received a call today from a fellow teacher who was being harassed by our new principal(the Monster) every day of the entire 2008 school year. With 24 years of satisfactory ratings under her belt, having survived 3 principals, 4 APs and 4 involuntary grade changes in her career, this lovely teacher finally gave up and quit just a few years short of her retirement date. Her retirement gift? In addition to having to be subjected to Peer Tutoring by a teacher in her 3rd year, she received her first U rating in 24 years along with 14 letters in her file. Her crime? Having put her heart and soul into a career she loved... 24 years of obvious dedication, acquiring the extra credits and education she needed to achieve top salary, mentoring new teachers and volunteering her time after school for tutoring.
"It's as if the weight of the world has been lifted off of my shoulders", is how she described the feeling of not having to return to the DOE after more than two decades. While her envious colleagues bitch and moan about the demanding calls they received from the principal over the summer suggesting(demanding) that they attend summer workshops, she sighs loudly with relief, "Thank god it's finally over."


A Teacher In The Bronx said...

This is so bogus. So wrong.

NY_I said...

Very sorry to read about your veteran friend. These PIP people are so full of it. How unconscionable ... they are veteran teachers, and yet, they zealously act as snake ready to bite, all in the service of draconian principals.
Which farcical TV show best matches the experience in their latest school?
Good luck in your RR travails. The system is merciless.
The sitcom as NYC school poll is at (I may have posted this message before I tweaked the site for votes in '09, '10; it's now up and running.)