June 30, 2009

Melancholy Disgust

Blame it on disgust, loss of hope, depleted energy and denial of my constitutional rights...I haven't been able to post as of lately. The summer has begun and I plan to enjoy it. I'm trying to ignore the black cloud of returning to the Rubber Room in September as it follows me wherever I go. Having to lie about my status to family and friends has robbed me of a great amount of my spirit. I am hoping to regain some sanity over this long awaited summer sabbatical.

June 4, 2009

Emergency Protest in Harlem Against Bloomberg

Emergency Protest in Harlem Against Bloomberg

Thursday, June 4, 2009 - Starting at 5:30 PM
Bethel AME Church
60 West 132nd Street
(Between Lenox & 5th Avenue)
I'm passing this information on for anyone who thinks New York is going in the wrong direction under this mayor. The campaign's website is: http://www.dumpbloombergnow.org/ and the organizers are sending this description around:

Dr. Lenora Fulani, founder of the youth charity “All Stars Project” that has received millions in funding from billionaire Mayor Michael Bloomberg, has set out to once again bamboozle African Americans. Fulani is holding a support Bloomberg Rally in Harlem on June 4th. There are indications the mayor might attend. Incredibly, Fulani claims under Bloomberg, “on the whole, social, economic and cultural life has improved” and that Bloomberg is, “the most powerful choice for the Black community.”

The quality of life for African Americans, Latinos, Asians, immigrants communities, middle income whites and the working class in general have not improved under Bloomberg, it’s just the opposite: Police suppression and murder of Blacks, an increase in the homeless shelter population that tops 36,000 on any given night, mayoral control of public schools that pushes “charter schools”, cuts in educations, transportation fare hikes but reduction in services, cuts in higher education, zoning schemes destroying working class neighborhoods and local businesses, and the demand of the mayor that working families in the shelter system have to pay rent are just a few of the horrors we endure every day under Bloomberg, the richest person in New York City and the 17th richest person in the WORLD.

Join us on June 4th. Bring banners, noise makers and friends. This is a citywide Dump Bloomberg protest. We are all in the same sinking boat under Bloomberg and we cannot afford another four years of this billionaire mayor.
Join the Dump Bloomberg Campaign. Email: dumpbloomberg2009@gmail.com.
For people at my school, I have about 10 buttons ($1 each) which say), but I'm sure there will be more available at the rally.



I just received an email about the NYCLU's being "interested in helping teachers with labor/civil rights issues. They are especially interest in the rubber room.
Point person — Angela Jones, 212 607-3388. ajones@nyclu.org

But, they also have taken a position on Bloomberg:

The NYCLU put out a report on May 14th called "Civil Rights, Transparency, Accountability Suffer Under Current Mayoral Control Scheme." Here's what Exec. Director Donna Lieberman said in a recent email to NYCLU members:

"The current regime of absolute, unfettered mayoral control is incompatible with a safe, effective educational environment. For our schools and our children to be as successful as they can be, parents must be a part of the educational process and the core democratic principles of transparency, accountability and public participation in government must be respected. The Legislature must close the loopholes that have given Mayor Bloomberg and the Department of Education unfettered discretion over education policy."

The report documents the NYCLU's "tremendous difficulty in obtaining basic data and records on these issues from the DOE and NYPD through the Freedom of Information Law. The NYCLU’s experiences are not unique. The DOE routinely withholds from parents, the media and elected officials raw data on student performance, student safety and the education budget. . . .
"Under the current mayoral control system, Mayor Bloomberg and the DOE flout state and local statutes intended to assure public oversight of agencies with rulemaking power. For example, new Chancellor’s Regulations – rules that affect the lives and education of New York City’s children – are never subject to the 30-day public notice and comment period required by the City Administrative Procedures Act."

Among the eight changes the NYCLU is calling for are these:

(a) delineate the position of the DOE within the existing structure of city government,
(b) increase public oversight,
(c) strengthen the parental voice in policymaking,
(d) allow for public engagement in the decision-making process,
(e) mandate data transparency, and
(f) create an Inspector General to protect integrity, conduct independent audits and investigations, etc.

These are for starters, to restore the public trust.


There's another protest tomorrow, but they made it when no one who's teaching or running schools can go. Here's the details.

Rally to Protect
Our Schools!

*** Thursday, June 4, 2009 ***


City Hall Steps

Mayor Bloomberg’s budget would slash $400 million from education, resulting in increased class sizes, elimination of academic programs, and scarcer books, equipment, and other basic learning necessities.

Join parents, students, educators, and advocates on Thursday in sending a message to Mayor Bloomberg and the City Council:
· Oppose cuts to classroom!
· Raise revenue for education and other essential services!

Crucial budget negotiations are happening this week -- and may be concluded this weekend -- so NOW is the time to speak out in support of our children.

For more information, contact Shana Marks-Odinga
at the Alliance for Quality Education:
smarksodinga@aqeny.org; 718-222-1089, ext. 237

June 1, 2009

Principal Sean Keaton Sited...

Wearing sunglasses, a suit,tie and looking rather frail, Principal Sean Keaton was sighted today pacing the perimeter of the District 13 office building at 355 Park Place. His markedly thin and lanky appearance resembled that of a young high school boy, however his demeanor was aloof and disassociated with the goings on around him. It is safe to say that he wanted to remain anonymous, but with front page coverage, that was not happening. The District 13 office building is also the home for one the Department of Education's famous teacher reassignment centers. The big question is, will he be given the "principal red carpet treatment" or will he be joining the DOE's reassigned employees in the rubber room for his assault on chapter leader, Robert Segarra?

Posted by ForeverBrooklyn on May 22, 2009 11:20 AM in response to the Daily News Article published on May 21, 2009:
My daughter is a current student of Mr.Segarra...We love him. He is one of the best things to ever happen to that school. Principle Keaton is one of the most unapproachable, self centered people I have ever met. Although I understand his concern in getting the school grades up..I appreciate that..He has no regard for the parents or teachers..I wasn't too surprised to see that Keaton used street tactics to resolve this issue..I get that from him. He is more concerned about scores(Which I understand BUT), than the kids throwing food at each other in the mornings, the boys beating up on the girls, the kids who curse, scream and tell the few parents that make themselves present "your not my mother, you can't tell me what to do". Safety and discipline is truly lacking..The chaos in the mornings before the kids get to class makes you want to home school your child..The students don't reflect the community..Most of the "new" parents are moving to areas get their kids into PS 11 or Park Slope.
Posted by ForeverBrooklyn on May 22, 2009 11:20 AM in response to the Daily News Article published on May 21, 2009.

P.S. We reserve a special place for Principals in the Rubber Room...
School Principal Busted for Beating Teacher at Corporal Punishment Hearing