July 23, 2009

Bloomberg Ads on Facebook

Have you noticed the the volume of offensive, repetitive and severely misleading ads for Bloomberg on Facebook? They are pasted all over the game and group applications. Bloomberg's PR team has got pretty much every corner covered.

The presentation of his ads cleverly give the impression that independent groups are advocating for him. He's got, "African Americans for Bloomberg, Jews for Bloomberg, Women for Bloomberg, Asians for Bloomberg....etc. etc.

Where are the 'Barf' bags for Bloomberg?

July 1, 2009

Miracles can happen...

If only for a moment, I can breathe. Anyone who knows me can only imagine how I am feeling at the prospect of spoiled 'Richie Rich' Bloomberg losing control over the school system. What would this mean for me and the other Reassigned teachers? God only knows... Perhaps a real chance to tell our stories and allow the truth to be known. Perhaps a return to a child oriented school system like the one that I was raised in. If only for a moment, I can dream.