November 11, 2015

Francesco Portelos - Cultist Behavior?

I am officially requesting that Francesco Portelos cease and desist from contacting me further in any form or manner. 
This is my response to the unsolicited and harassing emails I have received after unsubscribing to emails in a several email groups led by Francesco Portelos, however they were all returned to me 'Undelivered'. 
I cannot support the Solidarity Caucus and as a result, Francesco Portelos will stop at nothing to harass me. Please remember that you have free will and am sending this out to protect the safety and well being of my family and friends.

For your concern....Solidarity has displayed many (not all- but you be the judge) of the characteristics that are present in a cultist environment...

  My question is , why I am i still receiving these emails even after I have not only unsubscribed(twice) from this group, but also requested that the cult leader Portelos remove me from his group? I consider this email to be a form of harassment and further steps have been taken.

Portelos dictates in great detail how members should think, act and feel...

I too was fooled, but luckily I got out in time.