September 1, 2009

All I Ever Needed to Know ... I Learned in the Rubber Room.

All That I Ever Needed To Know...I Learned in the Rubber Room (Mental Preparation)

1. Most people don't like air conditioning.
2. The world will never stop for you. Husbands get sick, children graduate, parents die, the mortgage must be paid, birthdays are celebrated, people get divorced and Jury Duty notices still arrive in the mail-(hopefully)...all while in the rubber room.
3. Good people won't steal your stuff. Find one decent person whom you can trust to watch over your stuff while you're in the bathroom.
3. If you don't want anyone to know your business, don't be the FIRST to share it!
4. Racism and prejudice are alive and well in the Rubber Room. Respect and tolerance isn't.
5. There is another rubber room. It's called the "Teacher's lounge".
6. No one ever gossips about other people's 'virtues'.
7. There are some things that aren't even worth explaining to your BFF. (Reassignment is one of them.)
8. The UFT is NOT your friend. (If you're disappointed with their inaction, it's your fault for having expectations.)
9. A friend is someone who doesn't want to see you fall flat on your face. Deal with a major life crisis and then take a good look around. Real friends don't get spooked.
10. Your principal doesn't really like you. You're just young and underpaid.
11. If you think it can't happen to you, it probably will.
12. Being in the rubber room is a punishment designed to get you so frustrated that one day you will just get up and quit. Being guilty or innocent is not a factor here.
13. If you still "don't get it", you are correct.
14. There is no logical answer to, "Why?" when dealing with the DOE.
15. My own chapter leader thinks that the UFT is "useless" and she couldn't be more right.


JUSTICE not "just us" said...

#12. Bingo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want you to think about the difference between being in the rubber room or being in a lousy school with a vindictive principal or being an ATR looking for a job and being treated with contempt by principals who are elitist, ageist and racist.

Lots of teachers are suffering. Yes we have a paycheck coming in that many Americans don't but we are in fear that we will find ourselves in the street tomorrow. We can not succumb to despair. We need to unite with people of good will and ignore the petty and silly shit of small people. Things are bad for us but they also look bad for our enemies as well.

Fidgety said...

Thank you Justice. This belief, (Fact) #12 would unite ALL of the teachers if those still in their schools weren't in denial. What you don't know, can and WILL definitely hurt you!javascript:void(0)

Leigh Anne said...

Could I get you or other teachers to come on my radio show on education and talk about the rubber room? The show is If you or others would be willing to talk about this or other subjects from a teacher's perspective, or to make me aware of other good topics or people to talk to, I would be very happy for your input. The show covers all topics pertaining to education -- anything.

NY_I said...

These were important comments.

We've got some opportunities to put a dent in the mayoral dictatorship over the schools.

Check out my blog,
for my candidate recommendations for mayor, public advocate and comptroller in the September 15 Democratic Party primary.

We, the voters, need to remember that we do have opportunities to support candidates that are pledged to curb mayoral control, audit the DoE, and to replace the parent-exclusion policy with more chances for parent input.