March 8, 2010

Teachers Speak

"Now that this group of teachers who are in the excess group have got such negative exposure in the national media (FOX, MSNBC) I am praying that Klein will lift the hiring freeze. i have ill family back in NYC and want to relocate badly. Please give me updates."
July 10, 2009 at 4:23am ·

What a pompous moron. This ignorant comment and others can be found on the Facebook Page, "Teachers Speak" from a licensed teacher who describes himself as, "A quality edicator sees their students as individuals with a history, a culture and takes time to know them. The problem is all the leadership sees is a collective of data and test scores." (I held myself back from correcting his spelling and grammar errors...) His profile also reads,"Edicator examining the problems facing all teachers and students both in and out of the classroom -our nation is in an education emergency with 100,000 teachers out of work (Wall Street Journal Report) and budgets being slashed in every state - it is time for teachers and families to fight the poiticians and bueracrats for a strong system of education for our kids and jobs for quality educators."
Isn't it pathetic that a fellow teacher sees the abuse of other teachers as a great opportunity to secure a job for himself? Sounds a bit barbaric.
Hmmm...Maybe he should go looking for a job elsewhere?

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