March 10, 2010

Overheard: Truth or Myth?

Alot of information passes through the RR on a weekly basis. Since the inmates are really kept out of the loop about current issues, much of the hearsay is never confirmed. It is highly likely that when a RR inmate meets with a UFT rep, NYSUT lawyer or OSI officer they will return filled with ideas that often fuel discussions and/or arguments about what is true and what is not. It is also highly likely that if one tries to get the facts from the UFT about OSI or NYSUT or vice versa, one will come up even more empty than before they started. Try asking two UFT reps the same exact question and you will receive two completely conflicting answers. Do they both work for the same organization? Sometimes I wonder. So here I go. I have two Truth/Myth unconfirmed rumors today. You decide.

1. A newly reassigned teacher was told by a UFT lawyer that he does not need to report for an OSI investigation if he is tenured (which he is). It would certainly help a lot of teachers to know whether or not there is any truth to this.

2. During a winter storm or other inclement weather which prevents you from reporting to your assigned school, it is acceptable to report to the nearest DOE school within your travelling range.
A recently retired teacher informed me that this was agreed upon in our contract several years back. As far as she knows, it still remains. Is this the Truth or is it a Myth?

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Chaz said...

First one is true. While the UFT policy is to cooperate with OSI, increasingly the UFT rep will tell you not to answer questions from OSI.

Even the union realizes that if the Principal does not like you, OSI's job is to "get the teacher" and talking to the OSI investigator can only lead to ad results to the teacher.

"Do not talk to OSI if you are the target of the investigation. Read this from my post,

Fidgety said...

Chaz, thanks so much for responding to that question. It only goes to prove my point, that the "UFT is useless!" I was advised by a UFT rep that I must report to the OSI investigation. I was not informed that I had an option. Just as expected, OSI substantiated my bogus allegations and twisted every word that was said at that meeting. I wonder if these and other "TOP SECRET UFT POLICIES" can be found in writing.