March 20, 2010

Pissed Off: Another Example Of Why You Should Vote ICE

Pissed Off: Another Example Of Why You Should Vote ICE


Ricochet said...

I went to the beginning of your post. Two years. I don't know if your city's solution is worse or better than ours: we work in a right to work (read: right to fire) state. If a principal decides to fire you on trumped up charges like I wrote about, there is no union to protect you.

The lawyers at the lobbying organizations will not help you until you are charged.

The individuals involved are putting their ducks in a row and applying elsewhere in an economy where thousands of teachers are being let go.

If you read the beginning of my blog, it happened to me. I was given the option of quitting or being fired. Being fired means I will never teach again - so I quit.

So I help the young teachers going through the mill now - because if the management was any good, there would be other solutions.

Fidgety said...

Thanks for your comments. What state do you work in? Here in New York, NYSUT lawyers will not be officially assigned to you unless you are charged, before that you have no options but to sit and wait.

Ricochet said...