March 18, 2010

More Regulations...

Welcome to Mr. Warden's world where over enforcing his personal peeves and humiliating the RR teachers is what he interprets as part of his moral obligation to the DOE. One of his chief obsessions is with teachers who talk on the phone in the stairwell, (aka the 'phone booth'). Although the phones are used all day amongst the masses, those who desire a shred of seclusion often retreat to the 'phone booth' which is in such a remote location, one would forget that it actually leads upstairs. This barren phone booth (aka stair well) is within 5 foot of Mr. Warden's invisible wall-less office. From the time a teacher enters the "phone booth', he is live prey for Mr. Warden. While you are making that important call to your lawyer, insurance company or bookie, Mr. Warden will be watching. With nothing better to do, Mr. Warden will conspicuously watch your butt. Yes, he will actually make sure that under no circumstances does your butt ever get a chance to rest on the dusty cold stairs. Resting your butt is not an option in Mr. Warden's phone booth. Rest assured that if you get lost in your phone call and forget this rule, Mr. Warden will be there to disrupt your phone call and remind you. Why, because as Mr. Warden explains, "It is a fire hazard and people will not be able to walk by if you are sitting on the steps". The truth is, that staircase is never used by ANYONE except the RR teachers. What Mr.Warden doesn't tell you is that he wants nothing more than to make your phone booth stay as cumbersome as humanly possible.

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Ricochet said...

Is Mr. Warden's other name Les Nessman? (WKRP)

I have this mental image of his "office" - and officiousness.