May 28, 2009

There is a God

There is a god and he is watching over Glenn Storman who fought Against Corporal Punishment Charges and a U Rating. Congratulations to Mr. Storman for proving that the charges against him were false and excessive.

Principal From Hell: This is not the first time we are hearing about P.S. 212's Josephine Marsella. She will stop at nothing to hurt her hard working staff. It is not enough that a staff member receives a Letter In their File... Josephine Marsella is out for blood.

Read one parent's review of the school..." I had 2 of my kids go to this school. Now I only have 1. I wish none of my kids go to this school. This school has a lot of problems with teachers and the principal as well. Their safety issues are very questionable. My daughter stills get bullied at this school and I have tried everything to keep her safe. This is sad that the school will not protect our kids from being bullied."

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