May 28, 2009

If not through the door, then through the window! --- Russian proverb

I found this written on a facebook group page. It just goes to show you that sooner or later, the truth with be way or another.
"Mayor Bloomberg and his incompetent chancellor Joel Klein have destroyed education in New York City. With no-bid contracts, they have implemented flawed curriculums, such as Teachers College, and the woeful Everyday Math, which has been rejected by school systems nationwide. (Everyday Math was selected by former deputy chancellor Diana Lam for personal financial gain.)

Bloomberg and Klein have wasted millions on the aforementioned no-bid contracts, a legal squad to circumvent tenure laws, AUSSIE consultants, dummy organizations that praise Bloomberg and Klein and take out full-page ads in the Bloomberg-controlled media, , a "truth squad" to surf the internet and counter postings (like this) negative to Bloomberg and Klein, the ARIS computer program, the Teaching Fellows program and the Leadership Academy, which trains non-educators to be principals.

Veteran teachers are being brought up on trumped-up charges in order to drive them out, to be replaced by New Teacher Project "teachers" who have their masters degrees heavily subsidized with taxpayer dollars.

Test scores are rigged. The publishers making the programs that Klein has chosen also make the tests! The big lie is how schools are improving. National tests, such as the SAT's and NAEP show no gains whatsoever!

It's time to end mayoral control of our schools, as well as Bloomberg's tenure".-`anonymous

Tony Avella For Mayor

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