January 28, 2009

Snowed in with the Moocher...

Days like this only magnify the dysfunctional traits of our most self destructive cellmates. Moocher, the mentally retired math teacher is being his old annoying racial slurring, self depracating, table slamming self. Watch as he moves from seat to seat...table to table...mooching food, newspapers, or whatever he can get his greasy hands on. Catch him doing a little dance every time he scores a free cookie or clips a coupon and hangs it on the wall behind him. Watch him stand over the shoulder of an unsuspecting newcomer- as his beady eyes read personal emails and private documents. Moocher knows not the meaning of boundaries and truly needs to retire for the sanity of the rest of us. I am praying that our mayor will create a retirement incentive especially for him and all of the other useless idiots the DOE is forced to keep on payroll.

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