October 26, 2008

No Newcomer

Our quiet Friday morning was interrupted when WD, aka 'Walking Disaster' reported to our room for the first time. "Attention everyone, we have a new room member. This is WD." We looked up from our papers momentarily when Miss WD blurted out, "Okay, where am I going to sit?" Before anyone could answer, she added, "I know the drill. This is not my first day you know," She scanned the room. "Well, I guess no one's offering, so if you all just want to ignore me, then that's fine." She dropped her coat and bag on an empty seat by the door. We all looked around and then rolled our eyes at each other. Essie offered Miss WD a seat next to her at the head of her table. Miss WD looked at the seat, paused and turned back to the group, ignoring Essie's offer. "It's ok. If nobody's going to move, I'll just sit on the floor. That corner looks empty. Is that okay with you? Would it bother any of you if I just sat on the floor in the corner?" "You can sit here," said Mr. M, generously offering his own seat, next to 3 Seater's chair. "No, she is not going to sit here." 3 Seater warned. "Sit down, sit down, please. I will sit on the other side," Mr. M insisted. WD accepted and sat herself down, legs crossed and arms folded." "Thank you, Is this this an incohesive group or what? You know, we're all in this together," she rambled to herself. "Oh, is that coffee for everyone or do I have to ask someone's permission to drink it? I'll have to bring in my mug. I am going on my third year reassigned. This is my third room. You'd think that you would have a procedure to welcome newcomers." I tried to ignore her but I had to cover my face to muffle the laughter. WD couldn't sit still for a minute. She walked around the room, looking here, there and under all of the tables. "I really need a seat against the wall and a desk for my laptop, near an outlet and room to plug in my phone," Miss So demanded out loud. "I don't have my laptop today but I bring it about once a week, you know, to get my stuff in order." At that point, I noticed WD eyeing my surge protector.
She then disappeared into the hallway and we sighed with relief. Her incessant talking was giving us all a headache. Cane had both of his ears covered with his hands. "Wow, what was that?" asked Sketcher. "I don't know but I think she should go back to wherever she came from," responded Marley. "Yeah, but they probably kicked her out of the other place." Sketcher shook his head and put his earphones on. "I'm going to sleep."
We could all hear WD in the hallway, rambling on to herself. "This group needs to be more cohesive. We're all on the same side you know. Them, against us."
Elsie addressed her as soon as she stepped back in the room. "You may have forgotten, but you were offered a seat when you came in. Why didn't you just sit down? You put your coat on an empty seat. Isn't that an available seat over there where you put your coat?" Elsie's volume accelerated along with her annoyance.
Now angry at Mr. M for giving WD the seat next to her, 3 seater began to roar at WD.
"And, I am letting you know now, you are not staying at this table. This is a quiet table. Go sit back over there", 3 Seater pointed across the room. "Tell me something, why do you have to displace someone just to have a seat? That is his seat and you should respect that. "Well, noone was showing me where to sit," she responded with a whine. "And who are you!? You should know the deal. You've been around enough! We don't have to accommodate you. You need to fit in with us." 3 Seater stated her piece, but it wasn't over there. It seemed like everyone wanted a piece of the action. Trap stood up and had a few authoritative things to say to WD. "Ok, it's my turn to tell you what the deal is. First of all, you had no right to take to this man's seat. He offered it to you out of kindness, but there were empty seats available to you. You came in here with an attitude and some expectations and now you need to get those out of your head. We are going to start this whole thing over. You will get up, give this man back his seat and sit by the door." "Can I say something?" asked WD. "No!" answered Trap. "But I just want to respond to..." Trap gave WD another loud,"No! You you said enough. I think you owe everyone an apology." "Well, I'm sorry but..." "There is no 'but.' You can give Mr. M his seat back now." WD got out of the seat and made her way to the one by the door. "Thank the lord," 3 Seater whispered under her breath. She turned to Mr. M and said, "You I'll talk to later." "What did I do?" he asked. "I was just trying to be nice." "Like I said, we'll talk about it later." And with that, we all soaked in the next few moments of silence.

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