October 23, 2008

I've Been Setting Mousetraps...

I have been out of the loop for the past few days. Writing rebuttals is very draining. My best advice to anyone that is meeting with their principal to discuss allegations is,"Keep your Mouth Shut." There is nothing you can say or do that will help when allegations are made against you. Speaking to a principal is just as helpful as helping them hold a loaded gun to your head. The principal will ignore what you say and write only what they want to see written on their report. If it makes them look good, they will write it. If it makes you seem imcompetent, they will write it. "How can they do that and get away with it?", you may ask. Very easily. They lie, distort the truth, twist and turn the facts and scramble your words until you barely recognize who and what the report is about. There are so many holes in my principal's report that I have set traps to keep the mice away.


Mamacita (Mamacita) said...

You are absolutely spot-on correct with this post.

So correct, my hands are trembling with the horror of memory as I try to type.

Teachers are the nearest things to actual slaves that our country has. We have no rights, no privileges, and everything we hold dear can be stripped from us at any time. We don't have to do anything wrong to be penalized and dragged before a board and holed-up in a rubber room and sent home to await judgment, etc. No other profession has to deal with anything like this. Teachers are punished for being knowledgeable and loyal and loving and decent and honest, and rewarded for being mediocre (or less) and ass-kissing and lethargic and lazy.

The union doesn't care, either.

Chaz said...


I may disagree with you on this. Yes the principal will probably twist, distort, and jumble your words. However, your UFT rep was a witness and can be called in to say exactly what you said in your disciplinary hearing at the 3020-a hearing. It is important that your story stays the same throughout the process and expose the changing story by the Principal and destroy her credibility as a witness against you.

proofoflife said...

Does this mean that your school has been communicating with you? I wish you the best. You are so correct my principal must be made out of the same mold. She lies with ease. It is amazing to me. Good luck, and God bless.