October 8, 2008

Of Liars and Puppeteers...

The purpose of my latest stint with Ms.Principal & UFT 'chap' was to review OSI's findings in my case. What a joke. After going over the OSI's "substantiated" findings(fabrications) in my case, UFT chap kicked me under the table to keep my mouth shut. It is not only the findings that are rigged, but anything you say in response to the findings can and will be recorded in writing by the principal and held against you at your next meeting. Mind you, principal will only select statements either good or bad and use them out of context to make you look irrational and unbalanced. Ms. Principal is very good at this. She can twist and turn words till they take on meanings that one never thought they could. My statements have been so convoluted that I don't even recognize them.

I am convinced there is no way to defend yourself against the DOE. They have the whole system rigged in their favor. Right this very moment, while Randi is off on her new venture at the AFT, Klein is gearing up to hire more liers- oops, I mean lawyers and puppeteers- uh I mean principals (who call themselves CEOs). Hey, what's the difference what we call em? They are all part of the plan to kill the public education system and it's only a matter of time before they do.

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Chaz said...

I concur with you completely. Anything you say will be used against you. Therefore, except to deny all, it is a waste of time to explain yourself except at the 3020-a hearing where you have some chance of explaining your case in front of an arbitrator. I will say this if you do talk stay consistent from the begining to the end because the DOE always seem to change their story because they are always trying to twist, embellish, and pervert the truth.

By the way take a look at the OSI investigator classified ad on my post. I hope you get a laugh.