October 13, 2008

Damned if you do Anything.

It's almost six months from my original date of reassignment. The UFT's "Don't call us, We'll call you" attitude" is really getting to me now. In spite of their rules, I went ahead and called them from the Rubber Room.
"Oh you're case? Let me check. What school are you in again? I'm so sorry. He, she, they are away from their desk. Do you want me to put you through to their voicemail? What district is that again?"
I called back four times. I left a message with every "he, she and they" that the receptionist would connect me to. I finally set an appointment to meet with my UFT chap.
"What is it exactly that you want to meet about? UFT chap asked.
"Teachers in my room are going back to their schools. I want out." I said. "What's going on?" Are you just going to let me rot in here?
"Your case is somewhat complicated. It's been almost six months and you are sitting there with no formal charges. The regulations say that they can't hold you any longer than six months without charges. After six months, they(your school) will have to take you back. When the six month point comes and they don't send you back, you can file a grievance on the grounds that you haven't been charged and that will probably piss them off. You need to sit tight and not push the envelope. If you do, she(Ms. Principal) will probably get angry and retaliate by making up charges against you. If she makes up charges, you will have to go through the whole 3020a process.
"You mean they have six months to charge me and when the six months are up, they can first decide to charge me with anything they want?"

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proofoflife said...

what a fucking disgrace!