June 12, 2008

"The Notebook"

Poor Mr. Warden. He has nothing to do all day. No one to talk to. For this reassigned A.P. who has made a deal with the devil, loneliness is his well earned sentence. There he sits all day in the hallway - alone. This is a man who not only belongs in the Rubber Room, but is recognized by the non-RR-residents of the building as a severely strange and troubled man. Mr. Warden takes his job very seriously. In fact, he takes his job to a level that can only result in his own self affliction. His obsessive need for control and nasty disposition is sure to keep anyone out of his occupied space.

Poor, poor Mr. Warden. His job is to sit in the hallway outside of the rubber room and 'supervise'. Now he can only 'supervise' if there is someone or something to supervise. Since we still have the 'privilege' of choosing whether or not to open and close the door to the room he sits outside of, naturally, we keep it closed. It is only when we leave the room that he has a purpose- or let's say he has created a purpose for himself. In his "Notebook", Mr. Warden has documented each and every time that I have gone to the Little Girl's Room since the end of March. He just sits there all day long and waits for someone to go to the bathroom. Scary, isn't it??? He not only writes down the time that I leave, but also the time that I return. Mr. Warden lives for the moment that he can take pen to paper and document that someone has left the room. Have to clean your coffee cup? Another entry into the notebook. Please someone tell me, what is the purpose of this!? Does this qualify as a form of corporal punishment? I dare to think (Do we still have that right?) that the amount of time that I spend in the bathroom is a personal and private matter. As a woman I feel that his actions are a sick and perverted way of passing the time. This man is really hurting. Can someone just give this man a job?!!


JUSTICE not "just us" said...

We don't have a "Mr. Warden" in our RR but i can see it coming.
I don't envy the Mr. Wardens of this world. He/She will be out numbered 100+ to 1 in my RR.
I think the best thing to do is to ignore the Mr. Wardens of this world as there is nothing he can do to "punish" you. A letter to the file? Reassigment? Investigations? What? Mr. Warden is an "empty suit" a non-person.

You and I have each other and our colleagues to depend on. Who does he have? Nobody as he is nobody!

Fidgety said...

Believe it or not, last week he ran down to his bosses office and tried to dock the pay of one of my fellow RR's for 4 minutes!

JUSTICE not "just us" said...

You see this is dangerous! As "pleasent" as my holding pen is there are a lot of very pissed off teachers. I don't advocate violence but I know how violence erupts as I can see the dangers signs.

Mr. Warden better watch his back as he is outnumbered considering some reassigned teachers as well as some teachers I have seen in school buildings are "not all there". If you know what I mean.
My rubber room will either stay the same or we will get a Mr. Warden. It will be very interesting to see what happens with a brown noser "watching"
us. Very interesting indeed.