June 11, 2008

Joel Klein and His Ego

The big joke of the day in our Rubber Room was the arrival of the "Joel Klein" Evaluation Surveys. Apparently, they were sent from Randi W and brought to us via Mr. UFT Rep of RR's. Mr. UFT Rep explained that the survey's purpose is to measure the level of support we feel Joel Klein has provided to the schools during his reign as Chancellor. As we know, Mr. Klein is doing a thorough clean up and feels that we should applaud him. Mr. UFT Rep informed us that these findings will be published in the UFT paper or somewhere in Journalism Land...We did not get a clear answer. You can be sure that it won't be "The NY Times".

There were about a dozen questions pertaining to the level of support Klein has given to several areas such as parent participation, teacher/principal collaboration, class size, communication among staff etc. etc. UFT Rep assured us that our surveys would remain anonymous, BUT our names had to be checked off as they were distributed and the envelope would indicate our RR location. The questions were very general and we were to indicate our level of agreement with each example given. Naturally, without a second thought, I gave Mr. Klein and his ego an F straight down the board.


Pissed Off said...

I'm giving him the same grade you gave. He'll just find a way to blame us anyways.

Chaz said...

Ditto for me as well.