June 1, 2009

Principal Sean Keaton Sited...

Wearing sunglasses, a suit,tie and looking rather frail, Principal Sean Keaton was sighted today pacing the perimeter of the District 13 office building at 355 Park Place. His markedly thin and lanky appearance resembled that of a young high school boy, however his demeanor was aloof and disassociated with the goings on around him. It is safe to say that he wanted to remain anonymous, but with front page coverage, that was not happening. The District 13 office building is also the home for one the Department of Education's famous teacher reassignment centers. The big question is, will he be given the "principal red carpet treatment" or will he be joining the DOE's reassigned employees in the rubber room for his assault on chapter leader, Robert Segarra?

Posted by ForeverBrooklyn on May 22, 2009 11:20 AM in response to the Daily News Article published on May 21, 2009:
My daughter is a current student of Mr.Segarra...We love him. He is one of the best things to ever happen to that school. Principle Keaton is one of the most unapproachable, self centered people I have ever met. Although I understand his concern in getting the school grades up..I appreciate that..He has no regard for the parents or teachers..I wasn't too surprised to see that Keaton used street tactics to resolve this issue..I get that from him. He is more concerned about scores(Which I understand BUT), than the kids throwing food at each other in the mornings, the boys beating up on the girls, the kids who curse, scream and tell the few parents that make themselves present "your not my mother, you can't tell me what to do". Safety and discipline is truly lacking..The chaos in the mornings before the kids get to class makes you want to home school your child..The students don't reflect the community..Most of the "new" parents are moving to areas get their kids into PS 11 or Park Slope.
Posted by ForeverBrooklyn on May 22, 2009 11:20 AM in response to the Daily News Article published on May 21, 2009.

P.S. We reserve a special place for Principals in the Rubber Room...
School Principal Busted for Beating Teacher at Corporal Punishment Hearing

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