May 10, 2009

Read my lips:"No New Teachers"

There you go again Chancellor K, talking trash as usual...

Are we supposed to jump for joy that you are saving the city money with your sudden curve ball idea of a "New teacher hiring freeze' until all ATRs are placed in positions?
Should we award you the blue ribbon for finally tapping into the valuable 1,400 highly qualified resources you have kept out of positions to serve your selfish political scheme?
Should we praise you for coming to the city's rescue as you suddenly require the inexperienced principal monsrosities that you've created to fill their school's teaching vacancies with the teachers who entered the system long before these principals could walk and talk?

You are just about as believable as George H.W. Bush's 1988 campaign promises. "No new taxes", remember? "No new taxes" if he were elected. It was only 2 years later when taxes were raised to meet the national budget deficit. One thing you can count on Chancellor is that your conscious and selective ignorance is not going to be forgotten anytime soon.

Check out ICE UFT's article on the hiring freeze, click here.

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