November 4, 2008

Bad Apple Bullies

Last night I stumbled upon this very interesting website.... - I checked the location of Queensland - (a state in Australia) because the bullying that this Australian teacher/blogger speaks of sounds identical to the events faced by a typically harrassed- NYC teacher. She speaks of age discrimination, intimidation, threats, prolonged investigations, corrupt investigators, falsified documents and lost files. Is it me, or does all of this sound peculiarly familiar? Are you sure there isn't a Queensland somewhere here in NYC?

"It's a talent flight.

The best and brightest are driven out.

The slugs, the slow-minded, dimwitted sycophants are the bully's allies."

* Gary Namie, co-founder of the Workplace Bullying and trauma Institute in Bellingham, Wash., quoted in: Companies must deal with workplace bullies or lose brightest employees; expert, Camille Bains, CBC News: Business, May 8, 2006

(Click on the title above to read this teacher's disturbing account of her dealings with the Queensland Education System in Australia.)

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