September 19, 2008


I was interrogated by the Office of Special Investigations (OSI) 6 months ago by one female investigator. Actually, I don't really know what her position was because she never formally introduced herself to me. All that I know is, my Union Rep was not pleased to learn that this particular person was handling my case. He made it clear that the two have never gotten along as compared to other OSI investigators that he's had to deal with in the past. Strike One on my side. Ms.OSI was extremely belligerent toward him and he didn't seem to have a real problem with it...but I did. After all, it is not his future on the line here. This is just a routine part of his job and doesn't affect him either way.

Although I can't openly discuss the nature of my case, I do want to say that the events leading up to my reassignment were caused by the administration's failure to follow specific chancellor's regulations. Had these regulations been followed, I would not be in my present position and having to defend myself. I was reassigned without an opportunity to explain what had occurred or caused the incident in question. Given the difficult working conditions that were delivered to me via "El Principal", the events that followed were a challenge that proved to be a recipe for failure.

The scene was not very different from something one sees on television. '''CSI or La Law', to be more accurate. The tiny room had a table and two chairs. No windows. No pictures. Just bare walls. Ms.OSI was cold, standoffish, and very rude. After asking me to explain my case, she repeatedly cut in and tried to finish my sentences for me. She dismissed several of my statements with rude comments such as, "Well, why do I need to know that?, "I can't see how this is important", "Cut to the chase," and "This is irrelevant." She twisted my statements and tried to trip me up. When I insisted that my statements were truthful and accurate, she rolled her eyes and impatiently tapped her fingers on the table. That this behavior is unprofessional goes without saying. The entire scenario was degrading and frustrating. After I was through being questioned, UFT Rep and Ms. OSI shared a few private moments alone in the room while I waited outside. UFT Rep had very little to say, least of all, anything encouraging. I was instructed not to call him, that he would call me when he had received a response. Mr.UFT rudely dismissed me by letting me know that he had to meet with another reassigned teacher shortly.

Yes, Chaz I agree...Having since been told that my case was SUBSTANTIATED by OSI. The minor infraction that they have judged substantial barely qualifies for a LETTER IN FILE.

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Chaz said...

The OSI and SCI investigators assume teacher guilt and by the time they interview you, they already have their story about your guilt set. The only thing you do by talking by to them is hang yourself. It's best to say nothing and let the DOE prove their case in front of an impartial arbitrator at the 3020-a hearing.

The UFT advocates are useless and our dues should be used to get a private investigator as a counterweight to the biased and unfair OSI and SCI investigations.