September 29, 2008

It's Just Another Day...

Another day, another teacher reassigned. 'Cee' arrived this morning in a sport jacket and tie holding a notebook and pen. Appearing somewhat tired and disoriented, Warden brought him to the door and introduced him in the usual way. Barely looking up, the inmates showed little interest in the new arrival. I watched as he chose the 'right' chair, one that wasn't already spoken for. I introduced myself and a few other inmates followed. After the ice was broken, we all knew the school, the district and the reason he was reassigned. Cee displayed the typical behavior of a newbie. Within 45 minutes, Cee was fast asleep with his head in his arms on the table.

The room remained quiet until I heard a high pitched squeal and Princess showed her face at the door. Amazing how just the sight of her causes people to push in their chairs and secure their bags. Anything and everything that could be knocked over was quickly cleared out of the way. Surprisingly, Princess managed to walk to her chair without hitting anyone with one of her many shopping bags. "Woo-woo, it's hot in here..Uh hum, it sure is hot." Before even sitting down, her shopping bags were ripped open and brand new, packaged & tagged blue jeans were being passed around the room. I guess the kids at the shelter won't be getting new jeans this year.

Moocher, like the class clown, is always busy trying to get attention. This time by telling self deprecating, tasteless jewish jokes to a table of mixed company. By 11:30, he had 3 elderly african women saying "schmuck" in unison. "Shhh", he advised. "What's the matter? Why can't I say schmuck?" asked one of the women. "Because it's the jewish word for penis. You can't go around saying penis."
There is no limit to what he will do just to fit in. I never understood the purpose of putting down a religion just to get a laugh and then justifying it by saying that it's "your" religion. So, does that make it okay? In these bare 4 walls, I say not.

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