July 19, 2008

And It Makes Me Wonder...

Did you ever wonder why you spent thousands of dollars and years of studying when you could have just taken an easier route?
What a great city New York is. Where else in the world can you get a a hot meal and a job teaching without even opening your wallet? Where was the mayor when I was living in a basement apartment & paying back all of those student loans?
Check out this ad in the NY Times for Teaching Fellows- No Experience Required!
Article Found on "An Educational Voyage" http://janetryoung.blogspot.com/2006/09/thanks-randi-online-excessed-staff.html

Update: I just read an ongoing thread on "Chancellor's New Clothes" that debates about the effectiveness of TFA program and the TFA members that has everyone in a tizzy.
Here is the comment made my a Bronx Chapter Leader on July 20, 2008 @ 2:29 pm All of the TFA’s I know, and I know many, have no children at home. They are very young and have the time to plan for school 24/7. They are afraid to “stand up” to idiot administrators and will often allow these administrators to break every article in the contract. Many of them complain to me in tears, but when I hand them a grievance form they are fearful of putting their words into action. Talk about affecting dozens of children’s lives , they leave after two years. In my building dozens of TFA leave after two years. I am not saying that these teachers are not hard workers , but if it were up to the administrators all teachers would be TFA. Teachers would work all day without a prep or a lunch. We would have no summer vacation, no holidays and be expected ( as we are now) to go home and log onto ACUITY and ARIS and check out the data. We would have to hold in our pee-pee till the end of the day. Our classes would go way beyond class caps as per contract. The turn -over of TFA is great for the schools budget because then principals won’t have to pay “steep” salaries, and can spend more money on test prep!!
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l said...

If you really want to see something disturbing, read this post:

Cohort12Fellow said...

I'd have to say that's true of TFA and NYCTF teachers although I don't know how many fellows stay in the system. As a fellow myself, I know what that abuse is like, only I wasn't so willing to take it. I left a school after my first year but I did not leave teaching and so far, I don't see myself leaving anytime soon.