June 9, 2008

"The Battle of the Air Conditioning"

It's funny how the air conditioner worked 2 months ago in the middle of March. The room was freezing. The custodian-(if you want to call him that)tells us that there are only 2 settings; ON and OFF. After literally begging, he comes in here with his "POWER" key to the thermostat box and pretends to adjust the air. He disappears and the air does not kick in. When confronted, he pretends not to speak english so he doesn't have to give you an answer. He came in three times this morning and I know that he never even touched the settings. He's got a nasty disposition and is on a power trip with his "KEY"- just like the warden is with his "NOTEBOOK" that he won't go anywhere without. The lack of air in here is stifling. This Rubber Room is in a basement and one would hope that the hot air would rise like it's supposed to- but it's sedentary just like its' inhabitants who are gasping for air. My cellmates are cranky and irritable. To add insult to injury, there are two women in here who claim they are "allergic" to air conditioning. Allergic? Ms.3 Seater rants,"Ain't nobody gonna make me feel uncomfortable. I ain't too hot and I ain't too cold." Okay, GoldiLocks. There are 25 others in here who are sweltering. It's 103 degrees and you need to shut up. Did I mention why we call her "3-Seater"? At a table big enough for six chairs, only 3 can sit because she won't move her things. I think that she is also breathing for 3. For tomorrow, I've been eyeing this big fan in my bedroom. For tomorrow- that nice, big fan won't be leaving my side. That'll show you Ms. 3-Seater.


Pissed Off said...

Hope the fan helps.

JUSTICE not "just us" said...

Our rubber room promised AC but as usual the promise was brken!

proofoflife said...

wow inhumane treatment. we should put klein in there.