May 4, 2008

Rubber Rumors

It seems as though the lack of valid information about the rubber rooms these days has people talking or "eh-hem" fictionalizing the facts (my new word).

What's this I hear about vending machines in the RR's? No, I don't think so. Desks just like in an office? No. Wrong again. Let's set the record straight here and now. There's a new rubber room and it's on Park Place and Underhill in downtown Brooklyn. It is one of the smallest & most depressing RR's due to its' size and vicinity in the building. Just take the narrow staircase down two flights to the basement and you will find the room on the left. It's the one with the cement walls and caged windows that are so high, that noone can reach them without a window pole. Right now, it is housing about 30 teachers. You can find Mr. Warden sitting there outside with his 'notebook' and 'pen' in hand writing down every move these teachers make. He's even got the "Serenity Prayer"(How ironic!) hanging up on the wall.
P.S. Don't try getting in there to take a peek. These teachers are not allowed to have any visitors or walk in the hallway.

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